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Default Hash Browns Recipe

Ingredients For A Hashish Sandwich Recipe

Mücver (if it has already been made or can be done )
2 chubby breads
Feta cheese slices
Cream cheese (variety optional )
1 medium tomato
1 village pepper or sivribiber
Spicy or painless ketchup (optional) )

Mucverli Sandwich Recipe Ingredients

Feta cheese slices are put into the first chubby bread.
Cut the tomato with half the pepper and add the cheese on top of the hashish and little ketchup or bitter pulbiber.
Cut the remaining pepper and tomato on the hashish and then cover the bread.
Cream cheese is applied on the second chubby bread or use any kind of cheese you want, the other half of the ingredients are applied in the same way.
The sandwiches are ready, cut through the middle with a sharp knife and split into two pieces, and enjoy with a favorite beverage.


▪️I said I'd make a sandwich when I had hashverim ready at home was very nice.
▪️I used tomato and pepper less so that the taste is not dominant and not watery, you can still use plenty if you want.
▪️Chubby bread is also any sandwich bread if you do not have it in some bakeries.
▪ ▪ Stick toothpicks on both sides so that the sandwich does not fall apart and split in the middle with a sharp knife then remove the toothpick because it is too dangerous and you can forget and bite.
▪️Mücver can be made as a kind of sandwich easily and readily available if you have both an announcing and a delicious sandwich.
▪️There is little “fat hashish recipe “on my page you can make from there or use your own recipe.
▪️If you have spare time as well as mujver materials, I think it can be easily made subject to your choice.
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