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Default Sandwich Pastry (Squishy Puff Puff)

Ingredients For Sandwich Pastry (Squishy Puff Puff) Recipe

1 cup warm water
1 cup warm milk
1 cup liquid oil
1 egg
1 pack dry yeast
4 tbsp sugar
2 tsp salt to wipe
7 cups flour

For the above;

Black seed
1 egg yolk

For between;

It's just that you cut up the cheddar and the tomato, and it's curly.

Sandwich Pastry (Soft Puff Puff) Recipe

We take the yeast, sugar ,water and milk into a bowl and mix it well to melt the yeast.
Then we add oil ,egg and salt on it and whisk it well.
Let's add flour by sifting slowly according to the consistency of the dough will not stick to the hand geldimi OK.
We have to keep the dough for exactly 2 hours.
We tripled the dough as shown in the pictures and put eggs on it.
After heating the oven to 250 degrees, we place the pastry on the middle shelf, place the tray, take the degree to 150 slowly cook.
After cooking, when the pastries are cold ,we place the cheddar cheese, tomato and curry between them and serve.
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