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Default Home Made Kunefe

Ingredients For Homemade Kunefe Recipe

250 g kadayif
150 g butter
1 tbsp molasses
250 g unsalted fusible künefelik cheese (I preferred mozzarella cheese )

For the sorbet;

2, 5 cups sugar
3 cups water
a few drops of lemon juice
It can also be made in 6 small künefe containers or trays.

Homemade Künefe Recipe

First, boil sugar and water for sherbet.
When it boils, the lemon is squeezed and the bottom of the stove is turned down.
Cook over low heat for 20 minutes, let cool.
50 grams of butter is separated and chopped into small cubes and expected to soften at room temperature.
As for room temperature, pour 1 spoon of molasses over it and mix with oil until thoroughly homogeneous.
The cadaifs are first scratched, then 1 finger is chopped wide.
The remaining 100 gr butter is melted in a small pot and poured over the kadayiflar and blended well.
The inside and sides of the Künefe pots are liberally greased with molasses butter.
Place a little kadayıf on top of the kadayıf another künefe Cup is pressed well.
The cheese sliced on it is lined up and then covered with kadayıf and pressed again by sitting in the künefe Bowl. Or this suppression process can be done manually, the important thing is to tighten the kadayif thoroughly.
Cook one by one over low heat until well browned, 6-7 minutes each.
After being taken from the stove, 1 scoop is poured from the sherbet, which is immediately cooled while it is hot.
It is served hot, garnished according to desire, and the taste is not satisfied

Bon Appétit !
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